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3 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation

These past couple of years have been filled with uncertainty and overwhelm, and your employees have been there to keep the foundation of your organization steady. They have adapted to new responsibilities and regulations and weathered the changes with determination. Now is the time to show your employees appreciation for all their hard work so that they feel happier and supported in their roles.

Establishing employee appreciation systems will help your employees thrive by feeling rewarded for their successes and milestones. This creates a positive cascade which leads to a more collaborative team, increased retention, and overall better organizational performance.

In this article, we share the top three ways that you can show your employees that you appreciate them. 

1.) Support your employees’ well-being.

Many employees are struggling to manage their mental and emotional well-being and experiencing high levels of stress and burnout. A recent survey found more than 50% of employees felt burned out. 

Ensuring that your employees have the support and resources they need to support their mental, emotional, and physical health is the foundation for their happiness.

Here are a few ways to support your employees’ well-being:

  • Have regularly scheduled one-on-one wellness check-ins with your employees. During this time, listen to their needs, see how they are doing, and find out what support they need for work projects. You can set them up for success by exploring their strengths and giving them opportunities to do more in those areas. 
  • Whenever possible, allow team members flexibility in when, where, and how they get their jobs done.
  • Offer individual coaching services to your team members. Our coaching services provide ​​support, resources, and accountability with an empathetic expert. We provide a safe space for individuals to discuss personal and professional goals and challenges and a solutions-oriented process based on positive psychology.

2.) Improve teamwork

When employees feel they are surrounded by supportive teams and leaders, it positively affects their happiness, productivity, engagement, retention, and trust. Teamwork promotes an atmosphere that fosters encouragement, bonding, friendship, and loyalty. Improving teamwork can reduce the pressure on individual employees by allowing the workload to be shared. This allows goals to be more attainable, enhances the optimization of performance, and improves job satisfaction. 

Show your employees that you appreciate them by creating systems to enhance teamwork, clear communication, and positive bonding. 

Here are a few ways to improve teamwork:

  • Create reward systems that incentivize people to work together. 
  • Encourage employees to recognize others’ successes recognition one-on-one and in team meetings.
  • Hold a company retreat to allow your team to bond and reconnect in a positive setting. Work with us to create a tailored Corporate Retreat for your organization to refocus, renew, and retool. Team building sessions allow your group to build relationships with each other and encourage a healthy environment for positive changes to occur.

3.) Enhance workplace culture

Research shows a strong workplace culture is connected to employee satisfaction and happiness. Creating a supportive, inclusive, values-based workplace culture benefits everyone. An inclusive and welcoming climate embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people.

For people to feel like they belong, the environment needs to be set up to be a diverse and inclusive place. It is important for everyone to feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.

Here are a few ways to enhance workplace culture:

  • Create routines that link appreciation to your organization’s values. It can be something as simple as verbally recognizing individual and group efforts, or showcasing a success story on your website or internal communications systems. 
  • Create or revisit your company vision, mission, and core values. These may need to be updated. Include your employees in this process to ensure that their daily work lives are aligned with your organization’s big-picture goals. Our Thriving Workplace Program can help you to enhance your company culture by clarifying your core values and putting them into action for personal and professional goals.


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We work hand in hand with you to identify your goals and make a plan to meet them. Through our network of experienced, insured, and vetted professionals, we implement the perfect program for you.  

Our offerings and coaching services are personalized, professional, and precisely aligned to your mission, vision, and goals.

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