It’s the middle of 2020 and I wanted to reach out and build upon our last newsletter which suggested offering gratitude for the Sacred Pause and encouraged us to lift one another up during these difficult times.

In practicing mindfulness and meditation, we learn the art of taking a pause from the noise. We may take time in the practice to acknowledge a thought, worry or concern. We may choose to sit with it and feel it so that we may either accept it or find a way to let it go and heal. When we take the time to heal, we are better to ourselves and to the world around us. Sometimes though, the feeling gets stuck in us; it somersaults in our belly and dances in our head. This confusion and discomfort can turn into pain, and pain into despair. We shouldn’t act or react when we are in this painful place, but unfortunately we often do.

Being okay with the timing of your own healing means you are self aware and respectful of yourself. It is okay to be in a frozen silent state if we are not in touch with our feelings at the moment. We don’t have to respond, answer, post, push, move, or act because we see others doing so. We can listen and then listen a little more. Can we pause before we respond or act and make sure our actions are coming from a place of love and not

Let’s get better at being human. Let’s diversify our experiences, our audience, our friendships and our minds, then we can sit quietly and absorb it all. If we do this, we may see the common thread that inherently and intimately connects us, which is love.

I had the honorable experience recently of visiting a friend who was holding a family concert in her garage. We grabbed a cold beverage and a camping chair and for the first time in months, I was a concert goer! It was a thrill to see live music but it was nothing compared to the beautiful experience of watching a Daddy, a daughter, an Aunt, a cousin and a friend play original music together. The 9 year old daughter had written an amazing song with her Mom a few weeks prior. The name of the song is “We are Connected, We Are One” by Sylvie and Susan Satterfield. It speaks to the ultimate truth and the one thing our world keeps forgetting: We are united; we are one.

“We are connected,
We are one.
Look at your brother see yourself within another,
We are one, come on and join us everyone we are one”

As a way to foster more connection and unity in our community, in the coming weeks, Flow to You will host a weekly outdoor yoga series on the patio at Zen in Downtown Greenville. Stay tuned for details.

Safely spaced, we will “Flow and Unite”.  Please join us